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International Luchadora of the Month presents the INTERNATIONAL LUCHADORA of the MONTH:

ARIEL is proud to shine the spotlight on yet another foreign wrestler who has been venturing to Mexico to compete in the LLF ring. This month, the spotlight is on Ariel!

Q: For those who don't know all that much about you yet, how about some quick stats? Where do you hail from, how long have you been in the sport and what attracted you to it, and what style of wrestling do you prefer working in?

A: Quick Stats...I'm originally from Azores, Portugal which is in Europe. I moved to the States when I was 11. I used to occasionally catch some PPVs on Sky sports when I lived there..but once I lived here I fell in love with it. Once, going to some independent shows, I found out about their school; so one week after I turned 16 I tried out for their school, and the rest is history. Been in it for 4 years now...going on 5.

Now I hail out of Boston, Massachusetts. And for other quick stats, I'm 5'2" and I weigh 130 lbs. I have brown hair...with some variation of colors all the time...and brown eyes. My favorite style is high flying with technical and some brawling.. but definitely technical and high flying mixed. My style is a mix of those.

Q: You debuted in Lucha Libre Femenil in 2004...but not as yourself. Instead, you wore a mask and worked as "Ariana." Why make the change?

A: I did it out of respect for the Mexican tradition. Kind of 'Pay Your Dues' type of thing. I thought that it is how it should be. You learn about the culture and their style before going full on as yourself. You have to adjust. So I attempted to do that.

Q: Many of your fans were also shocked to discover that you were originally a 'Ruda' in Mexico...a rulebreaker. Is it fair to say that hiding your identity behind a mask tempted you to wrestle in ways that you usually don't?

A: I guess you can call it that. I wanted to show up in Mexico with a big bang...I thought if you can surprise and impress people who can't understand you, then you have done your job correctly. As a ruda in the U.S. everyone does their job by speaking, but in Mexico I saw that as a make these people who never saw me and couldn't understand me hate me. They had to hate my actions.

Q: You had a very memorable feud with Nikki Roxx in Monterrey, culminating in a bloody match that saw her claim your mask. But since then, you and Nikki seem to have patched things up and have worked together. Still, some fans have been clamoring for a new Ariel/Nikki rivalry. What are your thoughts on Roxx, and do you see a day when you may again challenge her?

A: Me and Nikki have the type of friendship where it's all about respect. She earned my respect and I earned hers, so we decided to team up for a bunch of matches. I am proud of her accomplishments and her title wins. I would however like to someday wrestle her again, maybe even for her belt. They say the best rivalries come from friendships; I think me and her would have a great match, so maybe it will happen sometime.

Q: You've had the distinction of having worked in both Mexico and Japan. What, in your opinion, are the greatest differences between the sport in those two countries and how it is in the United States?

A: I think the fans are the biggest difference. Also the fact that in Japan, it's more Strong Style than anything. Everything is very brutal there. In the U.S. women's wrestling is almost nonexistent, which is sad. Most of the companies would rather hire a pretty girl to do some sort of little skit on the show as opposed to actually putting on girls' matches. Hopefully that changes soon. That is one of the reasons that I love wrestling in Mexico and Japan...but I have to say, to me it's an even bigger challenge to try to make people in the U.S. respect women's wrestling. That is my goal for the United States: Hopefully make women's wrestling more existent and always try to put on good matches where people keep wanting to see more!

Q: I'd like to throw a few names at you, and get your immediate reactions to these women...

Diana la Cazadora - Celebrity Turned Wrestler. Always very beautiful.

Ayako Hamada - Hear very good things. Would like to wrestler her someday.

LuFisto - She does Hardcore and can hang in there with the men on that aspect. Scares me after every match ha ha ha!

Polly Star - Very very LLF has to offer.

Daizee Haze - Li'l Firecracker! She helps me prove to people that good things come in small packages!

Tsunami - Very talented - Amazing to see...she has only been wrestling for like two months.

Q: Who would you consider to have been your toughest opponents in Mexico thus far?

A: Polly Star and Tsunami.

Q: What's been your most memorable LLF moment?

A: My GLORY Title Match with Tsunami. It was a fun match and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was fun, entertaining and well put together. I had a blast that day!

Q: Can we look forward to seeing you take a shot at any of the LLF championship titles soon?

A: Definitely. Do you think I'm just there for fun? I strive for their gold too! Hopefully an opportunity comes soon.

Q: Thank you, Ariel...and congratulations on being this month's International Luchadora!

A: Thank you very much. Thank you for choosing me as this month's top International Luchadora! It's an honor! And always!

Photos courtesy of Ariel. Visit Ariel's official website and get the latest news about this young phenom!