was established in 2004 to bring the work of Mexican promoter Luciano Garcia and his Lucha Libre Femenil (LLF) league to a worldwide audience.

The PGWA sent several American wrestlers to the LLF for matches during that time. Such tremendous talents as Leilani Kai, Candy Divine, Persephone, April Hunter, Nikki Roxx, American Angel, and Ariel made a tremendous impression on Mexican fans!

Due to some technical issues in production, our release of Luchadoras DVDs and downloads stopped for a few years, until in 2021 started back up again with another group, the CLF. These GrudgeMatches have an indoor arena facility and excellent lighting and camera work. Today our association with CLF continues to flourish, as does our association and friendship with LLF. Our 20-year association with these two promotions continues to entertain fans the world over.

New material continues to be released at, and some fascinating returns from the earlier classic LLF matches are also being released. If you’re looking for entertaining women’s ring action, you’ll find it at!