Match For Destruction DVD


Catrina vs Aris

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Run Time: 16 mins



The Luchadoras return, and the action is greater than ever!

Catrina and Aris make their debuts in our ring, and both women are determined to emerge as the winner. Each beauty is also a highly skilled mat grappler, meaning this match is going to be an exhibition of agonizing submission holds.

In particular, the legs and backs of both ladies are in for some inhuman punishment that draw gasps, moans and outright wails of anguish.

After a grueling contest, one woman gains the upper hand, and proceeds to put her opponent in a world of hurt. When her embattled rival refuses to submit, her cruel adversary simply pours on the pain even more!

Finally, one howling battler is subjected to a Romero Surfboard, offered up like a sacrifice to the wrestling gods, and the end comes at last.