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Michelle & Candy vs Dark Fantasy

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Dark Fantasy towers over so many of her opponents, she has a hard time finding real challenges. So when she approached us in the hopes that we could provide her with just such a challenge, we knew just what to do: A handicap tag match!

Michelle and Candy may seem tiny next to their adversary, but they’re confident that by working together, they can take the Amazon down. But that confidence is soon proven to be misplaced, as Dark Fantasy has little trouble dominating either opponent.

Realizing that they stand no chance against their powerful rival if they continue to act separately, Candy and Michelle throw the rulebook out and launch a vicious double-teaming strategy, and now it’s Dark Fantasy who’s in serious trouble!

Can the malicious mites take down their opponent, or will the pulchritudinous powerhouse teach them the error of their ways?

Watch this one to find out!