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Aris vs Candy

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Run Time: 16 mins
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The relationship between most wrestlers is purely professional… competitive, yes, but rarely does it descend to personal animosity.

But that is most definitely not the case with Aris and Candy. These two beauties HATE each other and relish every opportunity they get to battle one another! Things have been particularly tense between them lately, and they both demanded that we book them for this match.

The result is a terrific battle between the two, combining outstanding technical grappling with such brawling tactics as stomping and choking! The aim of both battlers isn’t simply to win… it’s to punish her rival, and to prove decisively just who the better woman is!

After a grueling contest that sees both beauties suffer, one gains the upper hand and enjoys the sweet triumph of making her nemesis swallow her pride and submit.

But while this battle may be over, their war most certainly is not!