Angel Vengadora: Mean and Crazy DVD


Shelby Beach vs Angel Vengadora

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Run Time: 16 mins



One might be surprised to find British grappler Shelby Beach in a Luchadoras match, but then no one was more surprised than Shelby herself when she was challenged by a mysterious masked wrestler known only as Angel Vengadora (a.k.a. “The Angel of Vengeance”). All that is known of her is that she hails from Barcelona, Spain.

From the outset, it becomes clear that this masked maiden is no rookie, but rather a very seasoned competitor. It also is made painfully obvious that she has no reluctance to indulge in rule breaking in order to inflict punishment on her powerful opponent.

Shelby is flummoxed by Angel, who speaks no English, but almost seems to supernaturally know every one of the Blonde Brit Bombshell’s weaknesses, and preys upon them with brutal effectiveness.

This is another exciting Luchadoras battle, this time with a Spanish flair, that you won’t want to miss!