Battling It Out DVD


Cleopatra vs Luna

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Run Time: 11 mins



Cleopatra and Luna are fast establishing themselves as two of the most skilled and aggressive of Luchadoras, so when they finally meet one another to wrestle, it comes as no surprise that neither holds back anything in their quests to prove supremacy!

This is a genuine battle not only of strength and endurance, but of willpower. Both women savage each other, determined to not only win, but to crush the spirit of her rival! Each takes a particular delight in punishing legs and backs, anxious to inflict as much pain and to make her opponent scream in agony!

This battle goes down to the wire, until at last one battered and exhausted combatant can claim victory. But the fiery glare in the beaten wrestler’s eyes makes it plain that this battle may have been lost, but the war is far from over!