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Fire vs Candy

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Run Time: 15 mins
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The action erupts right from the get-go in this one, as both battlers lock up, each with the steely resolve to overcome the other and hand her rival a blistering defeat!

The powerful Fire gains an early advantage by trapping her opponent in a spine-rending backbreaker, but Candy resists the agonizing urge to submit, and manages to escape. But the action only grows more intense from there!

Camel Clutches, Airplane Spins, Figure Fours, Sleeper Holds… there’s nothing these two beauties won’t inflict on one another. And when the technical moves aren’t enough, they’re more than willing to resort to punching a choking!

After a long and grueling contest, one woman is snared in an agonizing hold, and risks serious injury. Finally, swallowing her pride and unable to withstand the anguish any longer, she submits, and is left whimpering on the mat as the exhausted victrix claims her triumph!