La Bombshells


Jade vs. Fire

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Run Time: 19 mins
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Video Quality: 1080p


This is a confrontation that Luchadoras fans have been waiting for, as two of the best battling bombshells, Jade and Fire, fight one another at last!

Both women are experts at administering punishment, and they torture one another’s backs, necks and limbs with a variety of painful holds. Both Fire and Jade endure torments that would drive lesser-willed wrestlers to scream their submission!

And when submission holds aren’t enough, neither battler is reluctant to resort to punches and boot stomps to gain the upper hand!

After an agonizingly grueling struggle that sees the two women largely stalemated for much of the match, one beauty at last gains control, snaring her rival in a vicious Figure Four lock. The victim holds out as long as possible, but with the very real threat of serious injury looming, she can no longer resist, and she surrenders.

Fans of the Luchadoras will quickly acknowledge this confrontation as among the very best we’ve ever presented, and you won’t want to miss it!