Punished & Pinned And … Again DVD


Cleopatra vs Jade

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Run Time: 15 mins



This one starts aggressively and escalates from there!

Cleopatra knows she can’t match Jade for sheer raw power, nor experience. However, the raven-haired beauty is confident that her mastery of agonizing submission holds…not to mention her willingness to unleash brawling moves…will give her the edge over the battling blonde!

But that strategy only takes her so far, as Jade likewise proves she has devastating submission skills, and she’s also not afraid to roughhouse! Both beauties batter one another from pillar to post, until ultimately one gains dominance, and proceeds to demolish her opponent, even going so far as to halt multiple pins at the two count herself, so that she can gleefully continue to punish her rival!

Tremendous Luchadora action in this, and you won’t want to miss it!