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Leah vs Luna

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No wrestler wants to lose, ever. But when two such accomplished battlers as Leah and Luna step into the ring to face off against one another, each knows she can’t play it safe… both will have to risk everything if she has any hope of triumphing over the other. And of course, risk brings the threat of mistakes, and that can lead to defeat.

There’s serious animosity between these two as both Luchadoras are determined to prove she’s the better wrestler. Throwing caution to the wind, they drive themselves to the brink of exhaustion. Bathed in sweat, panting for breath, their legs trembling from the exertion of remaining upright, they run the gamut from complex technical holds to brutal punches as each try to conquer the other. And with every passing minute, the risk of losing looms ever larger for both.

Finally, after a merciless match, one beauty is snared in a vicious hold, and runs the risk of suffering a serious injury if she does not submit. But will her pride allow it, or will she risk everything to avoid losing?