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Cleopatra vs Candy

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Lovely Cleopatra makes her Luchadoras debut, determined to humble Candy and force her to submit in their contest!

Things start rough in the very first moments of the bout, as first Cleopatra throws a wicked punch to Candy’s beautiful face, and Candy retaliates with a powerful fist to her opponent’s ribs! And things get wilder from there, as the two Latinas battle it out for supremacy.

This is often less a pro wrestling match than a back-alley brawl, as the two punch, kick, stomp and choke one another again and again. Cleopatra might well be the toughest opponent that Candy has ever faced, as the newcomer endures Candy’s more devastating submission holds and comes roaring back each time with an assault of her own, including making Candy her personal punching bag!

After a long and grueling struggle, one woman snares her rival in a backbreaker/rear naked choke combo and doesn’t release it until her foe is driven unconscious. The winner then strikes a sneering victory pose over the loser.

This one features tremendous action in the grand Luchadoras style!