Fiery Punishers DVD


Jade vs. Kira

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Run Time: 19 mins



Kiera makes her Luchadoras debut, and when she steps into the ring with superstar Jade, the result is as violent as it is incendiary!

Both combatants are supremely confident as they meet in the middle of the ring and lock eyes, each trying to intimidate the other. But this ends in complete stalemate, as neither displays the slightest bit of timidity.

Once the action begins, things get very physical, very quickly! Legs, arms and spines are agonizingly twisted as both Kiera and Jade do whatever they can to try and force the other to submit. After a long and grueling battle, one beauty is trapped in a savage Camel Clutch, and she bows to the inevitable defeat.

This is the kind of tremendous wrestling you’ve come to expect from… don’t miss it!