Ravaged DVD


Sheeva vs Kira

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Run Time: 18 mins



Sheeva and Kira both make their return to the Luchadoras ring where they face one another for the first time, and each is determined to not simply beat the other but devastate her!

The action explodes from the very start as both battlers start out aggressively, each punishing one another with agonizing submission holds. But it’s still too early in the match for either to be driven to give up, so each endures the pain and plots her retaliation.

The brutal pace never relents as control of the battle swings back and forth between them, and as it wears on, it becomes less of a wrestling match and more of a back-alley brawl!

Finally, as both sweat-soaked grapplers are driven to the very limits of their endurance, one unleashes a devastating attack on her rival…a true ravaging… and finishes her off with a submission hold that twists the poor girl’s pain-wracked body in ways nature never intended, leaving her beaten and barely conscious!