Lucha Warfare DVD


Elektra vs Puma

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Run Time: 20 mins



In the realm of the Luchadoras, wrestling isn’t merely a contest between athletes… it’s also often all-out warfare between modern day gladiators!

There has been growing animosity between young, energetic Elektra and the older, more experienced Puma, and things have finally boiled over to the point where they each demanded a match against one another. It opens with an intense stare down, as both try to intimidate one another before the action erupts.

The match that unfolds is a tremendous struggle between the two, running the gamut from expertly applied technical holds to street fighting tactics! The intent of both Puma and Elektra isn’t simply to beat the other, but to overwhelm her, prove supremacy, and humiliate the loser by forcing her to submit and acknowledge her inferiority to her rival.

This is wrestling warfare at its very best, as only the Luchadoras can bring it to you!