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Candy vs. Luna

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Run Time: 15 mins
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The Luchadoras are back, and the action is excitante!

Our beautiful combatants, Candy and Luna, square off in a rough and lightning-fast match. Luna’s greater size often gives her the advantage, but Candy’s tremendous grappling skills and indomitable spirit help level the playing field.

Both women torture one another with agonizing punishment of legs, arms and backs…and when that isn’t good enough, they brutally pummel one another with fists and boots!

This battle rages as Luna and Candy struggle to see who can out-wrestle, out-torment and out-last the other! The match finally ends when one exhausted beauty Fireman Carries her rival, slams her, and then pins her down for the three count!

The fan response to the Luchadoras has been tremendous, and watching this exciting bout, it’s easy to see why!