The Battle To Break You DVD


Kira vs. Candy

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Run Time: 18 mins



This isn’t simply about winning. Both Candy and Kira have won plenty of times before. No, this is about proving supremacy over the other. These two have a violent dislike for one another, and neither will be satisfied until she not only wins their match but breaks the other and proves she’s the inferior fighter!

That means this battle is full of holds meant to painfully punish the victim…camel clutches, figure four, Boston crabs, and more! And when that isn’t enough, they aren’t afraid to resort to illegal punches, stomps, and hair pulling!

After a bruisingly exhausting battle, one beauty is beaten and humbled and made to submit. The loser lay sobbing and panting for breath on the canvas as the triumphant winner strikes her victory pose over the woman she has broken!